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Voluntary Carbon Offset System in the Tatabánya Region, HUNGARY

The project is implemented by the Municipality of Tatabánya and the First Hungarian Carbon Offsetting Institution Ltd. It is supported by the Environment and Energy Operational Programme. The Environment and Energy Operational Programme includes the following goals:

  • Quality of life improvement through pollution reduction
  • Protection and preservation of natural assets
  • Prevention, economy, and efficiency

The aim of the project is to set up a regional and voluntary carbon-offseting system for individuals and corporations to offset the carbon emission produced by their polluting activities.

Our system can help you or your company to demonstrate environmental leadership by measuring, reducing an offsetting the carbon footprint of your business. Our carbon offsets fund clean energy and carbon reduction projects in the Tatabánya Region.

The Municipality of Tatabánya has had longstanding commitment to reducing the impact of cities on the environment. Join us in our efforts.

Do you know how much CO2 emission you contribute each day, month or year? Calculate and offset your emissions locally. Find information about your options at our website. It's easy to calculate your carbon footprint with our web calculator.

Exchange your emissions for climate tickets. Use the climate tickets to find the best offsetting solutions. Planting a tree, installing energy-efficient light bulbs, building bicycle roads can count more than you would think.

Be our partner and balance emissions from electricity use, individual or employee travel, and other forms of energy consumption. Make your next conference or company event carbon balanced with offsets from our climate ticket system.

To do so you can help participate in the climate ticket system of the Tatabánya Region of Hungary.

Offset locally.

We're happy to answer your questions about the voluntary carbon offset system of the Tatabánya Region. We can also help you estimate your emissions. To contact us, please email us directly at

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