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Climate Ticket

Climate tickets

Do you know how much CO2 emission you contribute each day, month or year? Calculate and offset your emissions locally. Find information about your options at our website. It's easy to calculate your carbon footprint with our web calculator.

Exchange your emissions for climate tickets. One climate ticket offsets 100 kg of CO2. The price of a climate ticket is HUF 1,000 (USD 5). Use the climate tickets to find the best offsetting solutions. We are here to carry out the carbon offsetting investment for you. Planting a tree, installing energy-efficient light bulbs, building bicycle roads or setting up bicycle racks can count more than you would think. Invest locally, where the emissions occured. And we are more than happy to give you a climate ticket certificate. The draft of the climate ticket certificate can be found in the media folder.

You can also do investments on your own in your backyard. We calculate your emmissions. We tell you how many climate tickets you need to cover with the different offsetting activities. As long as you do it locally, we are more than happy to give you a climate ticket certificate. The climate ticket cannot be  traded or cashed out. It is just a certificate showing your environmental contribution.

Even if you don't have money, there are ways to offset. Help us by offering your voluntary work during our environmental educational campaigns.

Be our partner and balance emissions from electricity use, individual or employee travel, and other forms of energy consumption. Make your next conference or company event carbon balanced with offsets from our climate ticket system. Support our educatinal institutions by providing them with recycled paper. The climate ticket system of the Tatabánya Region is there to assist you in all your green efforts.

Each year, the average car emits about three times its weight in carbon dioxide – a leading cause of global warming. Did you know that a hundred-year-old oak tree could supply the oxygen demand of 10 people daily?

Act so that the generations to follow, including your kids and grandkids, can walk on this planet. To do so you can help participate in the climate ticket system of the Tatabánya Region of Hungary.

Offset locally.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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